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Dr Shameen S is an established Ayurvedic physician specialized in Marma Therapy with an outstanding knowledge and excellent counseling skill. Having over 8+ years of experience in consulting both native and international patients, he has successfully managed over 50000+ cases. He has participated in various clinical researches including the recent advancements like introduction of Hemp into the Indian markets. He has been constantly contributing to the prosperity of Ayurveda with a genuine concern for patients and a passion to be of service and heal people.

Dr Parvathy is a passionate physician with post graduation in Basic principles of Ayurveda specialised in preventive care and positive lifestyle changes. With a profound knowledge in Ayurvedic scriptures and an experience of 8+ years, she has been successfully treating disorders of skin, menstrual complaints and lifestyle disorders. Her begining years as a doctor in a pharmacy has helped her understand the use of Ayurvedic medicines very well. She has contributed to the Ayurvedic literature by publishing a study on the relation between BMI and Prakrithi in Ayurveda. She has also presented scientific papers in over 20 national and international seminars regarding various topics in Ayurveda.

Bringing forth an empathetic and professional attitude Dr Sunitha P has been extensively experienced in treating disorders of the Eye and ENT complaints for the past 10 years. With her proficiency in Netra Kriya Kalpas (procedures for management of eye disorders) and Shalakya Tantra ( ENT disorders), she has efficiently managed various cases like Cataract, Diabetic retinopathy, ARMD and optic neuritis. Apart from these Dr Sunitha has also been successful in managing headache, migraine, sinusitis, tinnitus, vertigo and ear imbalance.

Dr Thushara is a responsible physician with an 8+ years experience in providing excellent clinical care and assistance to patients. She is specialized in Yoga and Meditation inspiring people to connect with their personal wisdom and expansive potential. She is focused on helping patients dealing with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, psychosomatic disorders and other mind related problems. Being a post graduate in public health she has been able to address health and wellness from the level of an individual patient to a general population. Apart from being a clinician she has been doing researches in various topics related to National Public Health Programs.

After starting his ambitious career 7 years ago, Dr Arunshyam P P has become a leading physician specialised in Ayurvedic toxicology with a high success rate in skin conditions and insect bites. Having a good command over panchakarma procedures and medicines, he could provide relief to the numerous digestive and respiratory disorders. He is also a marma specialist with attentive listening skills and is committed to ensure that the patients get the best possible care under his supervision.

Dr Rahul C J is a versatile doctor with multiple specialisations having a clinical experience of 5+ years. He has provided exemplary results in diabetic care with diet and diabetic wound management. Dr Rahul is also a successful practitioner of marma therapy and Foot n palm reflexology. He has aquired skills in Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support. His experience in Covid Care and Management during the lockdown has helped many people to cope with post corona complications. Dr Rahul is committed to expanding and updating his knowledge for providing the best care possible to the patients.





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